Davy            van            Gerven

Zündels Abgang

After Konrad Zündel loses a tooth, he quarrels with his wife Magda and leaves. Zündel travels to Genoa, where he indulges in alcohol and reflections on life. Returning at the beginning of the school year, he is changed by his solitary time in Genoa. After acting insane, he is admitted to a psychiatric clinic, escapes, and disappears. The play explores themes of love, fidelity, suicide, fatherhood, and religion.

Set in a cohesive design reminiscent of the 1980s, the play unfolds. A large mirror initially reflects the audience and later transforms into a window to Italy.

Schauspielhaus Zürich

Director Zino Wey · 
Dramaturgy Gwendolyn Melchinger
Music Benjamin Brodbeck
Photography Raphael Hadad

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