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Archive of Love

For "An Archive of Love," Annelies Van Parys recomposed her "Ah, cette Fable" into a version for six voices. In this song cycle, an angel becomes entangled in an earthly love. If he stays on earth, he dies, but if he flies away, his beloved perishes. As this little tragedy unfolds, the great archive of love stories resonates more and more. Words, sounds, and emotions bring back memories of past loves and passions, both sacred and profane. Echoes and fragments of other, older love songs attach themselves to this new story, interrupting and completing it, propelling it in new directions.

For the scenography, I created an abstract blue space where the audience was seated not only in the stands but also on stage. An abstract relocation unfolded in this space, with flowers displayed as ephemeral symbols of shared memories and household items.

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Concertgebouw Brugge, Het Geluid Maastricht

Music Annelies Van Parys, José Sanchez-Verdu, Claude Vivier, Claudio Monteverdi e.a.
Musical arrangements Annelies Van Parys 
Concept & dramaturgy Gaea Schoeters
Directors Gable Roelofsen & Romy Roelofsen
Photgraphy Sem Shayne

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