Davy            van            Gerven

Fok me Hokje

"Fok me Hokje" was a performance written for and by young people. In the lyrics, they described the limiting boxes of gender identity and sexual orientation, exploring themes of growing up, friendship, dating, and clothing. They shared their experiences of being in the closet and eventually coming out.

I was particularly moved by the texts in which the young people fantasized about how liberating it would be to go out with their peers. Touched by the fact that they were all still too young to have ever been in a club, I decided to capture their dreams of the future in a soft environment made of quilts.

Studio 52nd

Director Gable Roelofsen
Costume Kevin Pieterse
Lights Ellen Knops
Sound George Dhauw
Choreography Winston Ricardo Arnon
Saar Vandenberghe
Artistic advice Romy Roelofsen

Photography Robert van der Ree

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