Davy            van            Gerven


"Woyzeck," a simple soldier, offers himself as a test subject for scientific experiments in exchange for a few pennies. He sells his body for medical tests until almost nothing human remains of him. He lives in an unscrupulous and depraved society that seems to have lost all morality. When his beloved Marie falls for the charms of a dancing drum major, there is no saving him.

Director Zino focused his staging of "Woyzeck" on the society surrounding the character and Woyzeck's position within it. He questioned whether Woyzeck's passivity is not also a form of his own responsibility for his fate. After all, other outsiders within the same society manage to sustain themselves.

The performance took place on the front stage of the Schauspielhaus. The actors dragged loudspeakers across the stage, creating an ever-changing soundtrack. Throughout the play, a net of LED lights descended, increasingly dominating the stage and literally becoming a fabric in which society became entangled. In a climactic moment, Woyzeck desperately broke out of this net and stabbed his lover. The net, with its changing mesmerizing light, served as both an object of beauty and an obstacle.

Staatstheater Stuttgart

Director Zino Wey
Costumes Veronica Ute Schneider
Dramaturgy Gwendolyn Melchinger
Lighting Rüdiger Benz
Music Max Kuehn
Photography Julian Baumann

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