Davy            van            Gerven

Ein Körper für Jetzt und Heute

Information technology, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology are redefining what it means to be human. These advancements allow for technological enhancements, breaking down the limits of what is possible and overcoming the shortcomings and limitations of biology. But can they also address the boundaries of social inequality and exclusion?

The play explores atmospheres of cityscapes, seascapes, dreamscapes, and utopian desires that invade bodies and blur clear contours and unambiguous descriptions of identity. It delves into gender identity and its treatment by the Iranian regime, organ transplantation, and a society where attitudes toward technology literally and figuratively open new spaces.

For this piece, I decided to replicate a fountain from Berlin and place it on stage in Vienna. This emphasized the displacement in the play, highlighting the frayed edges of society and serving as a physical obstacle within the performance. A staircase and a balcony on stage led to a room representing a club. Images of this club were projected onto the stage using live camera feeds.

Schauspielhaus Wien

Director Zino Wey
Music Lukas Huber
Dramaturgy Anna Laner

Photography M. Hesch

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