Davy            van            Gerven


Reclusive provincial Adam prevents the unknown Eve from taking her own life in a pond just in time. He takes her to a vending machine-only restaurant run by his wife, where food, drinks, and even music are ordered at the touch of a button. The townspeople gather here, and the stranger immediately captures the imagination of the men. Eve helps Adam realize his visionary plans to build the fish farming industry, ensuring nothing stands in the way of the long-awaited economic boom.

Like an otherworldly object, a column of automatics unfolds from the canopy. Representing the swamp that is both the city's literal environment and a metaphor for its social structure, the stage is wrapped in fabric. As the play unfolds, the fabric space becomes increasingly entangled in the downfall of the two main characters.

Theater Lubeck

Director Zino Wey
Music Jorg Schellekens
Lights Daniel Thulke
Photography Falk von Traubenberg

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